Some proper real actual PUB SEXISM on show last night in the Head Of Steam, Euston. I go to the bar and order a pint of Holt, 3 assorted halves, a glass of white wine, a bottle of Leffe Blond and…an pint of LIME AND SODA.

Cue gales of laughter from the barman.

“I do hope that’s a bird’s drink.” he says.

I hadn’t been paying attention, I’d been looking at the UEFA cup results scroll by on Sky Sports News. “Hmm?”

“That drink. I do hope it’s for a bird!”

(Actually it was for me.)

“Um, no, it’s not.”

More larffter. Payment added up.

“£10.70. And eighty pence of that is for a lime and soda.”

!!! Do I get a rebate or something?

I should have pointed out, in hindsight, that the only actual manly man drink there – the pint of Holt – was for “a bird”, but I didn’t, I just shuffled off. Actually the whole thing was more funny than offensive, because it seemed like such a Head Of Steam thing to happen – which is to say, it handily reinforced my prejudices against the real ale krew after a dangerous flirtation with the world of non-lager.

I still like the Head of Steam more and more as a boozer, though, despite this bad form.