We have talked before about the Pillars of Hercules, but really only in terms of PIE, rather than in terms of it’s pubbishness. It’s a funny place, FAP rightly point out that it’s a good place to meet but it seems a shame to think only of it as this. Their beer is always interesting and well-kept, the Tom Woods last night was really good, and there is a decent atmos and despite it’s fullness it not that hard to get a table as there’s a quite a high turnover of punters. Anyway, adding to this last night was someone I’d seen advertised in there before, but never really understood the concept, DJ Wheely Bag!

Who, you may reasonably ask, is DJ Wheely Bag? Well information on t’internet is scarse and mainly in Spanish, but I did find this picture which begins to explain the concept (and what a concept!). As I was walking to the pub I saw DJWB pushing his (folded away at this point) contraption and assumed it was just a guitar amp or similar. It was only when he sat next to us and began to open it that we realised that it was in fact a TINY MAGICAL MOBILE DISCO with lights and 1 (one) turntable and a speaker and mixer and record case ALL IN ONE. DJWB only plays 7″s and seemingly, nothing newer than the early 70s, and last night was concentrating on halloween and bird flu-related records (so lots of good HORRORPOP). Because there is only 1 (one) deck, DJWB has to natter away (via a madonna-esque head mike) whilst he changes records as well as offering multiple-choice quizzes with pound shop prizes throughout the evening. I KNOW it sounds “wacky” but it’s actually REALLY REALLY FUN, I think he’s on every Wednesday, you should try it.