Once upon a time, if you found yourself at the bottom of Tottenham Court Road and fancied a Whopper, it was easy. You would just pop into the Burger King next to you and be sated. This is no longer the case dear readers, there is a crisis in the world of Tottenham Court Road Burger Kings. The one on the east side of the road has closed down.

Some people would suggest that this is infact not a crisis at all. All you have to do is wait for the Pelican Crossing to turn green and cross the road to the Burger King on the west side of the road. Such people misunderstand
a) The beauty of having two separate branches of the same restaurant directly opposite each other
b) The competition inherent
c) that Burger King patrons may not be able to walk these twenty yards for a burger.

So if we see particularly obese people dying of hunger outside of We Will Rock You, we know who to blame. Shame on you Burger King. How will we defeat Subway like this?

(Other TCR news, Brazil By Kilo has ditched its downstairs deli which did cheap cheese rolls but no-one ever shopped in).