Last night saw me return to the Boom Bar, and an interesting return it was. Last time I was there I noted how good and friendly the service was. Unfortunately this was not the case last night. A few more covers admittedly, but from start to finish our six man group meal did two course in two hours. Our particular waiter, a youth who smiled nicely but seemed nervous of moving quickly or getting anything wrong, was dubbed Flash after his snail pace crawl to take our order. Coupled with a complete lack of knowledge of his own wine, beer or food menu meant his ineptitude only went so far in amusing us before we got hungry.

Luckily the food pretty much made up for it. The vegetarian with us was clear not over-enamored by the unusual meat friendly menu. We started with a few bits of smoked crocodile (one of our companions had eating crocodile before, and also knew someone who had been eaten by a crocodile). Smoked nicely it warmed us up for the big mains. Those of us who headed steakwards were happily served. An ostrich steak was exquisite, and the wildebeest steaks were pretty amazing slabs of meat. Carsmile was a little overpowered by the stew with his springbok, but he admitted to liking it.

Coupled with a few bottle of Tusker, Nigerian Guinness and a rather good South African cider the night was a success. But they were lucky that the put 10% service in, because we weren’t feeling too tip happy. I’d go back, but I would check the compliment of staff on.