So I’m on the bus home yesterday and bump into my landlord. For many people this would be a bad thing, but I get on extremely well with my landlord and we got to chatting. And one of the things that came up was how he was doing much more cooking these days. Including making his own bread.

I don’t have a prejudice against home baking, but have always viewed it with a little bit of suspicion. I wish I had the time to make proofing doughs and starters and the like, but never had. Luckily neither did my landlord. Indeed his recipe pretty much had two ingredients. About 800 grams of self raising flour. And a can of Fosters.

He had picked this recipe up in Australia, so I am not sure if it depends on a special Fosters ingredient or works with any beer. But it did intrigue me to the extent that I may give it a go this weekend. Here is the closest I can find on the interweb to this Lager Bread: Beer Bread.