it wz my friend rae‘s bday yesterday and we met – and in the end et – at the covent garden hotel bar: we mostly drank a lot of (nice) white wine (on the whole i dislike white wine) and when we got hungry they served CRAZY EXPENSIVE mixed-race nibbles (eg sushi&kebabs&samosas&tapas dip), which were it is true very eatable indeed

the place is a wee bit swanky and forbidding — i tht i wz getting to eye to be NOT ALLOWED IN when i first arrived (tho that may be complete paranoia)*

but actually it was friendly enough — except rhere were two things they refused to do =
i. leaving the bottle with us (they come round and pour it out) (hence = i don’t know what the nice wine WAS)
ii. ice water in a jug (it had to be in individual glasses)

is this all just WE ARE A BAR DON’T FUCK W.US?

*i had just seen a 1:1 scale model of Alien’s Head in the window of forbidden planet, a snip at £779 plus VAT, and so wz disconcerted to see j0hn HURT sat at the end of the bar, looking grizzled and pained and just abt ready to birth another baby alien (he wasn’t with us)