As in PIES from the ungooglable pseudo-pret café chain EAT, rather than what was written on the pitch-side hoardings in “billy the fish” strips.

Unfortunately as I reached the counter the turkey and stuffing ones sold out, and I didn’t fancy a “fisherman’s pie” so I had a SOSSIDGE AND MASH PIE which was a treat for pie theorists* consisting as it did ov:

Thin pastry case with poppy seeds in
Layer of spicy/herby sausage meat
Layer, some might say lid, of potato with grain mustard, not quite at the consistancy of mash in my opinion, cooked through but a touch al dente (not a bad thing), more crushed than mashed.
Melted cheese and a cherry (tomato) on top.

It wasn’t as dry as it sounds either, the sossiemeat was quite juicy. The only thing really missing was a big dollop of red sauce. Also it comes in a cute little box like those ones you see in american films that have chinese in. All in all a success, but at £3.75 more of a treat than an everyday option I think.

*I know it’s a touch early in the year for pie theorising, but there was a certain nip in the air this morning, that made me think “ah piepiepiepie discussions are almost upon us again”…