At last we bring you Slim Pret. Its huge, but slim. All weve done is make a little box to suit a freshly made Pret sarnie. Enjoy one with a soup or a salad, or just on its own

I know some people might say things like – why mess with a classic format? There’s two main sandwich formats which exist for happy lunchers – the two triangles of sandwich OR if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, the BLOOMER sandwich. My favourite bloomers, BTW, haha I said bloomers, are from Greggs the Bakers – ham or cheese salad flavours. Pret does ham & eggs, but it doesn’t feel particularly superior to Greggses, despite the er, egg-spences.

But I’m straying off the topic, a raven cries NEVER MORE, NEVER MORE! The new Pret Slim, referring to the sandwich itself, rather than any supposed slimming properties inherent within the Widge – opens up exciting new lunchtime possibilities! Note they suggest you enjoy it with a soup or a salad. Well hey, like, woah dudes! Previously if we get a soup, that’s it! If we get a salad, that’s it as well! We might feel that we deserve an extra treat for being good and get a drink of fizzy pop as well (my favourite is the Grape & Elderflower cos I am a ponce). But woah – you might want to have a small sandwich with it as well?

Well, it’s a good point! And it’s not as if it’s a full sandwich, is it! Which means it’s ideal for breakfast! Not having breakfast myself at home, it often occurs to me to grab something very quickly from the next door shop (ie a PRET), but their breakfast baguettes seem too much and so does a sandwich and bvgger me if I’m having a a fruit salad first thing in the morning. No, perhaps it will be a PRET SLIM!

The only bugbear I guess I have then, is with the naming. What with iPod Minis, why not just jump onto the back of their cool, sassy yet inexpensive cut-down option branding and call them Pret Mini? But hey, I guess I’m not in advertising and I won’t get it… unless Pret Mini is already earmarked for a new car or something. W00!