(Back to pub crawl reports soon, I’m sure)

Living in Tooting we get our fair share of Indian takeaway menus through the door. But the latest was more unusual than most. Not the food, which was a pretty standard masala-korma-bhuna-vinda line-up, but the cover copy. “Mother Theresa’s favourite chef”.

This is a problematic claim. First of all, she’s dead. Second of all, even when she wasn’t she never came to Streatham. Of course the chef may well have been MT’s favourite in Calcutta and has since moved here. But even so the boast rests on us assuming that Mother Theresa’s general good works extend to having great taste in curry. Which doesn’t follow at all! Maybe he was her favourite chef because his food was really cheap and so could feed more people. Or maybe she liked really horrible tasting gruel. Points for imagination, then, but my loyalty to the Bombay Bicycle Club is unshaken.

Further examples of saintly endorsement of takeaways welcome. This phenomenon deserves investigation.