in which g.ramsay by the magickal technique of shoutin a lot w.a purple face turned a beardy no-mark no-cookin cowboy into a chef in six weeks

ok so far so didn’t-we-already-do-this? except this time the cut to the chase made no sense: the restaurant was TERRIBLE and FILTHY and DEEPLY IN DEBT, and GR yelled “fuck” a lot and everyone suddenly got good at what they were bad at, esp.the owner and chief cook, who went from givin the punters burnt stuff out of cans to perfect fresh italian cuisine with no in-between stages (and all debts paid off) (and he didn’t even have to sell his swanky car)

ok there was a funny bit when he got three of the staff to swfitcook a pizza and test it on a passsersby, anbd the best pizza wz cooked by the sullen little polish girl who never cooked one before, and it wz fed to a passing anarcho-crustie vegetarian with a comedy-punk haircut and he said “it’s nice” and GR said “erm sorry she’s polish and a polish vegetatarian pizza has HAM in it” and the veggie said “that was MEAN” and ran away

but this little episode had nuthin to do with the main story “arc”