There is nothing wrong with Thames Tandoori. I want to say that here and now. That said, it is probably the curry house I have been to most regularly over the last five years. It is a pretty standard tandoori house really, a bit pricey perhaps but then that’s its location. The specials are also quite nice, even if they do err on the fruity side.

No, Thames Tandoori is a fine little restaurant, which makes up in convenience what it might lack in flair. Convenience for the Kings Arms down Waterloo way (which never seems to be doing the food when I am there). Other curry houses are availible, ones which might not use half a jigger of lime juice on every curry, and ones which are probably a fair bit cheaper. But I’ve never had a bad meal or bad service in TT. Like it says on the carpet. Notably there were a fair number of French couples in there on Sunday, which raised the possibility that they just had leapt on the Eurostar just for a curry. And they could do a lot worse.

So why do I always feel like I am giving in when I go there?