I can’t remember that there is anything outstanding about Badger Beer at all. Yet if it is on offer, I nearly always order it. I have tried to work out the reason for this, but it boils down to one simple fact. It is named after Badgers.

I am loathe to drink beers with comedy names, on the other hand. Bishop’s Knob and the like do not tempt me. This is not a kind of humour I particularly like, and therefore I drift this over to the beers too. Ditto with garish and badly drawn pump brasses. I am not saying that been is necessarily a serious matter, but lets not take it down to Benny Hill level.

None of these considerations have anything to do with taste, or at least the kind of taste you get in your mouth. But truth be told, beer is a product like any other and requires decent marketing. Not in a CAMRA “Drape a model in hops and call her the goddess of beer” way. Just as a simple, pleasant drink. Like Badgers are simple, pleasant animals.