As if my life wasn’t hard enough, look at what I have to face every morning at Waterloo station. There are rows and rows and rows of the below, stretching into the void like… something that would stretch into a void… like ENDLESS CHAINS OF THIRSTIES, perhaps.

Gordon’s Gin Proudly Sponsors Waterloo Station

I am currently still spluttering in indignation that Gordons are ADULTERING my precious Genever with ‘lemongrass and ginger’ so can’t form any more of a coherent reaction to it at the moment. Distiller’s Cut: DISTILL MY BUTT, more like. For fvcks sake if I wanted lemongrass in my g&t I would stick one in the glass and use it as a stirrer, comme les fait when they make bloody marys with the celery stick. BUT I DON’T WANT THE LEMONGRASS IN MY GIN SO I WILL NOT!!

Such peonrie. From now on I’m sticking to Tanqueray, Bombay, or Plymouth.

The Northern Line Platform Northbound At Waterloo.