The continued operation of Jennings’ brewery in Cockermouth would be key, they say [blogged because i am a big fan of some of those wonderful Jennings ales, such as the Cumberland].

what does it mean, oh anyone who knows the games the big boys play?

they reassure Jennings drinkers – additionally it sounds all very happy from the Cumbrian POV – but there again since buying out Burtonwood the fine Bulls Head {Burtonwood estate} pub in Manchester town centre has been mostly, or entirely, closed (not that my parochialism is clouding my judgment..).

as established below, opinions vary over Kronenburg Blanc (no fan myself).
but what is the most expensive pint for it?
someone mentions four coins in comments, i know of a 3.80 ap Fulham way.
to finish, more northwest nationalism, in that this appraisal of a Boston, MA pizza franchise transplanted from the Mcr flags up amusing differences.
further googling reveals most Americans to be no fans of the English touches of a sticky toffee on the sweet tray, but in the end either approving of the place quite well, or not at all.
and what is this about the nods for a large assortment of wines by the glass?
perhaps it is mostly bottles in New England.