And what did I drink? Hook Norton Double Stout.

This was meant to be a couple of swift ones after work in the Pillars Of Hercules. And it is much to the credit of the Hook Norton Double Stout that I did not leave until closing time. Also much to do with the excellent company too, but since they were all drinking the Hook Norton too, I think it is clear to say that the dark brew was responsible for subsequent ruin.

This is a nicely roasted stout with the obligatory chocolaty edges with just the right amount of bitterness (ie it tasted like burnt dark chocolate). That said it lacked the gloopiness of more famous stouts and it went down a treat. Not sure of its strength but it tasted 4.5%-5%-ish and I certainly did not feel that drunk.

What kind of drunk did it make me? Hungry, but unwilling to do anything about it. Garrulous, gossipy but rather positive. I think it aided me to be in a rather nice, sweet generous mood and much of my borderline bitchiness was put on the backburner. I did do a last minute switch on to rum and coke for liquid reasons, but I would certainly do a session on the Norton again.

(Additional information on stout for seasoned drinkers: no, my shits were fine the next day.)