And what did I drink? Kronenburg Blanc.

Not an easy beer to find, the White Beer from the otherwise relatively bland Kronenburg brewery. The only place I have ever seen it is at the Lord John Russell on Marchmont Street. Last Friday was a sunny day and we supped by the window (and unfortunately the toilets, see later). The drink itself is a zingy white beer, with very citrusy overtones, as suggested by a really rather poncey glass which either says “citrus” or “fruity”. I would put this citrus in the realms of grapefruit, but this may have been the overwhelming tang of the urinal cakes altering the sense data.

What did it do to me: I did not feel all that drunk at the end of the night, it being a rich, strong beer I drunk it quite slowly sitting out a few rounds. It did make me feisty though and I got several people in trouble and potentially insulted a few others (apologies to all, it was the white beer). I’d drink it again but perhaps not all night. From a mood altering point of view Kronenburg Blanc did nothing to change a generally sunny mood.