In discussing the ridiculous paid for NUS card with “added value” at a conference I compared it to Pepsi Max. A retort saying that NUS Extra is nothing like Pepsi Max got wondering. What is Pepsi Max for? Really.

Think about it. We already have Diet Pepsi. Pepsi Max is different in what way? Taste perhaps (not a test I have done recently) and, er, its attitude. A marketing construct surely, a soft drink cannot have an attitude. It can have an ad campaign and its clear that Pepsi don’t really advertise Diet Pepsi any more. But they still make it. If I remember rightly Diet Pepsi was always the tastiest diet drink. But is not extreme sports enough.

People have suggested that Pepsi Max has more caffeine in it. There is nothing on the cans to suggest this. Which brings us now to the best brand dilution yet: Pepsi Max with a hint of Lemon & Lime. Which is like Diet Coke with a hint of Lemon and Diet Coke with a hint of Lime being pissed out of a snowboarder whilst he executes some dazzlingly pointless aerial stunt. Ie, nothing anyone would want to drink. Right?