The Carlton Club

Formed in reaction to the Reform Act of 1832, the Club still has very strong links with the Conservative Party. I was there for a small conference and first we gathered at ‘Cads Corner’ where coffee was served. Lunch was very good indeed – the extremely rare beef with whole grain mustard and crystal salt base was absolutely gorgeous. We ate in the MacMillan room, gazed upon by lots of pictures of former Tory Prime Ministers.

I checked the noticeboard and saw William Hague is soon to speak about how Conservative ideas are taking the world by storm. I suspect he won’t mention the role the US Military have in this spreading of such ideas. There’s lots of minor positions for members, which honours an unwritten rule of boys’ clubs that it’s about the ritual, not the content, and so give everyone jobs, regardless of whether the job actually has any role to perform at all.

I looked in vain for the toilet but saw no sign indicating the gents. I was guided there by the porter and realised that the toilet didn’t have a sign indicating gents or ladies; it’s a gentlemen’s club so most toilets are for the chaps, so they don’t need ideograms. There’s only one ladies loo in the place and that’s in the basement, naturally.

I don’t think it’s my scene, but I suspect I’m not theirs.