Pete’s stalwart Benjy’s reporting back has missed out the Benjy’s “Smart Card”. A smart card, you say? How about a catchy logo so we can really catch the benjy’s drift? OK! What about… “It’s A Really Smart Card”! Yes, that’ll do! The theory appears to be that we all hate digging about for CASH in sandwich shops, yet Benjy’s are too cretinous to take cards, so instead they will have their own proprietary card system to even further confuse the mass of plastic that lurks in the average persons wallet.

Extra incentives include: you will receive unique benefits just for using your Smart Card such as entry to prize draws, sneak previews of the newest Benjys’ products and special meal deals.

For all this scorn I am heaping on the smart card, I must admit that I am rather fond of Benjy’s, and am currently typing with a bit of difficulty after eating one of their very filling jacket potatoes with cheese and beans for a very reasonable price. I also like the way their van franchise is called “Vanchise”. Thanks Benjy’s!