The question was, what happens when I drink exclusively Ayingbrau of an evening? The location was The Blue Posts Newman Street. And the occasion was Magnus’s birthday. The results?

People have suggested that plenty of other factors may alter these experiments. Last Friday was a perfect example of this. A bit of quick delicious food lined the stomach, an insanely full pub irritated and drove your correspondant into problem-solving mode (including a brief ten minutes wandering in gale force freezing winds checking other pubs). All this and the death of a resolution. All I drank was the fatman, and yet how much of my mood was fatman derived?

Luckily Ayingerbrau comes around more often than most so this can be repeated. but things I noted from last week anyway (people who were there should post in the comments box any other things they may have notice about my demeanour).

Active brain. (Still hot on the quizzer late into the night.)
Reflective. (Occasional moments when I was away with the fairies.)
Stoical. (See the fart thing.)
Genial. (I talked to quite a few people I did not know that well.)
Did not feel all that drunk.