breaded fried cods roe

before his parkinsons made it a bit inadvisable for him to cook (ie many years ago now) my dad, who always did breakfast, would serve up the above as an occasional special breakfast treat – and as a result i always assumed it was super-expensive somehow and never tried it myself even though i LOVE it: in fact it is cheap (despite near-extinction of cod?) but v.v.FIDDLY* and to be honest i haven’t got it right yet

(or maybe it’s just one of those things that doing yrself takes away the surprise which is half the pleasure?)

anyway recipe as follows:
i. remove roe from tin carefully and slice equally carefully
ii. dip in egg yolk then breadcrumbs, v.V.carefully
iii.fry gently in butter
iv.serve with toast and/or lemon juice

*(it comes totally to pieces basically, and if yr not careful you just get a panful of fried crumbs)