So a couple of weeks ago I remarked on our success finally at a pub quiz, at The Old Dairy. It had been a little bit unsatisfactory though (as Ben outlines here) so we wanted to go back and win again to make it official. So we turned up, without our galloon of beer token (forgetten!) and settled down to wait.

The quiz started late due to Chamions League footie last time so at 10 when nothing had been said we were not too fussed. However after a check at the bar it turned out that the quiz had been put to the sword and no longer occupied its slot on the Tuesday. It turned out that our previous unsatisfactory win had been the last.

This was a let down, as was the complete lack of bitter on tap (they had been scurrying into the cellar all night to pour it straight fromt he barrel earlier and had probably given up the ghost). Unsated, we crossed the road to the Larrick (nasty pine pub) and played “read out the sex scenes in bonkbusters”, which was not quite as much fun. Though we did get to picture a man making love to the heroine supporting himself by only (so it seemed from the explaination) only by his chin on the ladies forehead.