47 KitKats are eaten every second in the UK and ex-Bond heartthrob Pierce Brosnan is a ‘big fan’.

Not everyone is on message, though. From the Guardian (natch):
KitKat is my favourite bar, but I have not bought one since Nestle tried to extort “compensation” payments from Ethiopia. Lemon cheesecake flavoured KitKats won’t win me back – a commitment to fair trade might. Helen Colley, Manchester

I remember people like you from university, Helen. This is what you’re missing, dear:

Original KitKat: Boring, but popular. Dungaish.
Blood Orange: Strange one. Socrates.
Orange: Running down my chin like a young Jairzinho.
Caramel: Tasty. Reminds me of Ronaldinho, that blind pass he keeps doing.
White chocolate: Yeah, you know what you’re getting with this: Tafarell
Lime and yoghurt: Foul, a mistake. Who’s that bloke used to play for Sheffield United?