For some time, Tayyabs has been my favourite curry house in the world. I haven’t been to them all, sure, but the quality at Tayyabs is so high, and the price so low that I find it difficult now to go anywhere else.

So far, so un-news. Except today I have two things to report.

FIRST: last night I had one of their shami kebabs. I have been asking for these for something like three years. In the last menu-revamp they labelled them Wednesday Only. Last couple of Wednesdays I’ve visited, I’ve been told that they had all gone. I can report their shami kebabs are a marvel. The shamis I’m used to having are lamb/lentil/coriander comfort food, and while Tayyabs’s are similarly stodgy they’re very heavy on the cinnamon and just that touch spicier than the normal. A taste sensation.

SECOND: Tayyabs is changing. In the old days it used to be: restaurant premises in the old pub (incl. the covered driveway); sweet shop in a shop premises; daytime cafe in another shop. The latter two are currently gutted: it looks as though they’re knocking through and changing things about.

I don’t know what they’re planning. I don’t know whether the kitchens will be able to cope with the changes: knowing the accent on food quality throughout the place, there’s no reason to assume things will decline. Even so, if you haven’t been there before I’d get along soon, just in case. Have the masala fish. And the dry meat. And the Karahi ckicken keema. And the tinda masala (baby pumpkin). And…