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New pud on offer currently at Pizza Express and yr correspondent i’m afraid went into such a snit at the way this item wz expressed on the menu that he failed as dr vick pointed out even to read the next (rather long) line which at least explained WHY it sed the thing that so annoyed yr correspondent DEEP BREATH ok “warmed” WARMED??!! WHY DO I CARE? wz the gist of my kneejerk: do they take me 4 a person who wd turn my nose up at “lemon polenta cake with seasonal berries” as just too too common dwahling??!! Well actually it wz hinting at some kind of hot-cold baked alaska dealie i think (ask dr vick), so their reasoning may not have been so evil BUT THEIR WORD CHOICE IS STILL PONCEY! It seems to be implicitly appealing to the custumer’s self-plzed sense of his/her superior grasp of the higher subtleties of the chef’s art WELL FUCK OFF GIVE ME TREACLE SPONGE w.BIRDS CUSTARD IN THAT CASE PLEASE yes WITH LUMPS yes

Better (for the hed) = “hot and cold lemon cake”, and leave the details to the explanatory second part.

(it is possible i am merely insane – my dining companion seemed to think so) (“oh ur putting this on yr blag aren’t u” she said)