The school what banned conkers for fear on nut allergy its nuts itself (or conkers-bonkers). I won’t invoke PC craziness*, rather the idea that a rogue bit may fly through the air and cause anaphalactic shock is so statistically unlikely that it becomes likely. (This is luckily not proven by sicence so I can get away with stuff like that).

The real cause for the rise in peanut allergy is on the back of every packet of KP nuts. “Do not feed to children under 36 months, may cause choking”. Putting aside
a) 36 months rather than 3 years, ooh we can multiply
b) On your third birthday do we all suddenly become deep throat
c) a bit of choking never hurt anyone
this is clearly foolish. It is in the formative years that our body learns to deal with different foodstuffs and decided whether or not it is an alien, dangerous food. No nuts before three increases the likelihood of the body thinking nuts, with their alarmingly high calorific content, are deadly.

* I certainly won’t invoke craziness re the School with the goggles, goggles=dressingup = more fun conkahs.