Thankyou Mr Stein

Halibut is a bugger to cook, I’ve often found, too dry for grilling or baking, to prone to leaking fat for steaming, I’ve often despaired of cooking the bloody stuff successfully, which is a shame, as I’m very fond of it.

However, thanks to the ubiquitous Mr Stein I succeeded last night in leaving it’s flavour intact, whilst also retaining some moisture AND not having great unseemly gobs of fat all over it. The method he suggested, and which I recommend trying is to cover the steaks in olive oil, until they’re completely immersed, then heat the oil very gently until it’s unpleasantly hot to the touch, no more. Then take it off the heat for fifteen minutes and let it cook through in the residual heat (you may, as I did, have to return it briefly to the stove top). When you lift the steaks out and pat them dry, pour the oil carefully from the pan and all sorts of lovely fishy juices will have sunk to the bottom. I had it with cucumber fried with dill and a little wine vinegar. It was jolly nice.