Noted on the side of Del Monte Pure Orange Juice:

Del Monte: The Healthy Way To Five A Day
Obsessed as I am to easy ways to five a day, this took me back a touch. Is it suggesting that there is an unhealthy way to five a day? Reading further it suggested a glass of juice, some Del Monte fruit salad and maybe some Del Monte tinned peaches later in the day would speed you onn your way. But what of the veg, an area Del Monte have never said yes too?

So, thinking about it, here is your unhealthy way to five a day.
Breakfast: Frosties with ahandful of raisins in them
Snack: Toffee Apple
Lunch: Asparagus with cheese on toast with extri butter
Dinner: Pasta with a sauce may of one part tomato, one part chocolate, one part olive oil and one part sugar (I must expound on this fantastic sauce some time soon)
Pudding: Pears in chocolate sauce.