Food Blind Spots

I have a tiny blind spot when it comes to two items of food. I find it almost impossible to distinguish by sight very thin green beans and green chilli’s. Now considering that the chilli in question is astoundingly hot, and the bean in question is tasty and crunchy this has often led me into trouble. I love green beans. I quite like chilli’s. But a whole chilli of this sort, like say the one I ate in the aptly named Chilli’s curry house a year ago scarred my mouth for a month.

So a couple of nights ago, grabbing a quick bowl of noodles in Busaba I was wary of the green things. The dish had been marked as hot, I was just hoping for a lovely slow build up of heat rather than tongue shaving. I contented myself with the smoked chicken, the prawns and the noodles before ventureing on to the green things. Water handy (though i know that just makes it worse), I plunged in. Half a green….


Phew. I was so relieved I did not notice the big sliver of scotch bonnet that went in the next mouthful. Like I say, at least the water was at hand.