A helpdesk fella has just popped in to my office to disentagle yet another flaw with Windows 2000 Professional and spied a kay of Yebisu Malt Beer. Now Yebisu is one of my favourite Japanese beers and such is the won’t of a somewhat disorgainsed office, a can had fallen down the back of the computers. So I am pleased to see it reappear, though the helpdesk fella gets confused thinking the malt advertised makes it a malt drink. You know, like Supermalt.

The rest of us pull faces, as we rightly know that Supermalt is an overly sweetened spawn of the devil. Or at least one of us had a brief taste once and was not convinced. Helpdesk fella continues to wax lyrically about it, which was when this fantastic piece of foodstuff description appeared:
“Its like drinking a non-alcoholic Guinness with Marmite stirred into it, just sweeter.”
Why they do not use this on their advertising I do not know…