The Robin Hood is a People’s Pub. All the net profits are given away to worthy community causes. Hurrah! I have no idea how much money is actually left after costs are met but judging from the beer prices (usual Brighton extortion) it must be a fair bit. Although the website gives the impression of a burgeoning network of pubs run on this principle, it seems like the Robin Hood (do you see?) is the only one at present. So does its social conscience make for a better pub experience? Well, it’s big, red and friendly. Not much different inside from your average nouveau pub – rough wooden tables, sofas, youthful trendy bar staff, usual limited choice of beer etc. You can get a stone-baked pizza for £4.50, and watch local news with the sound down. I was sort of hoping for a hotbed of revolutionary activity, but if this is indeed where the last remnants of Brighton socialism hide out, it wasn’t obvious. I certainly couldn’t detect any particular aura of community spirit emanating from the clientele on Friday (we were all silently goggling at the Olympic opening ceremony). But I did leave with a warm glow that was surely only partly due to the ale. I hope the concept does sweep the land (although maybe it would be simpler and just as public-spirited to spend the profits on giving the bar staff a living wage?)