YES BUT, the Head of Steam on request will do you POUTINE! I.e; they will do you chips with CHEESE AND GRAVY! The barstaff seemed somewhat perplexed by our Canadian themed request on Friday night (whot, didn’t they KNOW it was Canada day that week??) and spent rather a long time downstairs consulting with the chef before telling us it was alright. Whilst we loved to think that the combination of cheese and gravy on our chips was offending some Escoffier-like sensibilites on behalf of the cook in the Head of Steam, they were in all likelihood no doubt having a good laugh at our expense. Mmmmmm. Chips and cheese and gravy = grebt, chips and cheese and gravy plus REAL ACTUAL BEER (Old Bob for me) = even GREBTER++!

Ethiopian food can quite frankly take second place to the might of the QUEBECOIS!