What fre(nc)sh madness is this. I was in my local the other night The Haringey Arms, and I heard someone asking for a pint of BombARDeeAY. The bar monkey was as confused as I was. He question the order. The fella repeated his order BombARDeeAY, and pointed to the pump.

Bombadier. Charles Adams standard session ale which, if kept well, is a perfectly adequate thirst quencher. BobARDeeAY, said as if this was some sort of fancy pants Frendh drink. Oh how we laughed back at my table as we tucked into our pork scratchings. Its great buying snacks when everyone else you are drinking with are vegetarians.

(This post has been brought to you in the style of Chairman Mick, head on London CAMRA and all round Real Ale bore).