A very brief trip to Belgium at the weekend saw members of the Publog drinking. Quelle-surprise as they say in certain parts of said country. However there does need to be some form of selection process to what you drink, and when presented with a beer menu as long as Andrew Marr’s arms, some kind of rule needs to be put in place. When we started thinking of rules we could opnly think of the king of semi-organised fun, FreakyTrigger founder Tom Ewing.

We should have picked beers that spelt out his name. It would have been easier, and quicker. But instead we decided to honour this entire website. And hence we tried to drink FreakyTrigger.

Let me just say that despite the extensive menus in the many places we visited it was not possible. Perhaps because Y was not in evidence all that much. And F also seemed impossible to source. So we went for a slightly more phonetic version (phonetic in the standards of four in the morning after about ten of them).

So from memory this is how close we got:
V – Vieux Temps
R – Rodenbach (lots of Rodenbach if I remember)
E – Ecaussine
A – Arabier
C – Chimay Blanc
K – Kastel
J – Juliper

t’ – Trippel Rochfort
D – Deugniet
R – Rodenbach Grand Cru
O – Orval
G – Gulden Drak
G – Gueze DeNeve
A – Achel Brun