Trig Brother Gets Evil.

The 31st July, London’s trendy and no longer sleezy Soho, plays host to TRIG BROTHER 4. Is it a pub crawl. Is it a game show. Is it a blatent popularity contest (no – if you see whose won it in the past). One thing it certainly is, top hole fun.

We need 12 contestants brave enough to face the all new Trig Brother Organisers who have stated that this year they are going to be evil. And that Channel Four stole this idea off of them. Drinking, talking, laughing and being voted off are all parts of the fun you can have in this annual contest of brains, wit and bouze.

More deatils will be winging soon to a Publog near you, but first come first served on the contestant front* so sign up in the comments box if you want to play.

Trig Brother: You’ve Got To Be In It, To Understand The Humilation Of Coming Last Like What I Did Last Year.

* Priority will be given to those who have not played/done well before.