The Nags Head, Kinnerton Street, London SW1: A lot of the pubs we write about here have unpromising exteriors but great atmospheres. This is a pub which looks great and has a really promising, trad-boozer interior but feels lifeless. Its position in the heart of Belgravia is probably something to do with this: the walls of the Nags Head are covered in fading cartoons and sketches, reminders of bygone jollies, but the clientele now are huddles of plotting businessmen, not bon viveurs. There was nobody there who I could remotely imagine as a regular. (And no coincidence that I was in there for an appraisal, rather than a social drink.)

Perhaps it livens up on Fridays or at the weekend: I hope so. It’s a charming place – several little rooms, old wood panelling, rickety stairs, and plenty of character (I liked the rusting 1930s fruit machines left outside the loos). Once, you imagine, it was a really pleasant, bustling London local. It’s just a shame the punters don’t live up to their pub.