one of the funnier and/or more charming aspects of the respectabilisation of political blogs in the US over the past three-to-five months has been the fact that
a. a whole bunch got invited to (and given fairly generous treatment at) the democratic convention, and
b. they have responded to this like their first ever big old FAP!!

ie the convention is primarily a mainstream advert for the candidate; but they are superexcited mainly about MEETING EACH OTHER!! of course this sorta replicates the shallow edutainmentization of the Corporate MediaTM, but it is also v.sweet and human and – actually – a GOOD thing in that (insofar as more and more bigwig journalists are recognising the freedom that having a blog on the side gives them from the crushing (not to say fraudulent) this-side-said-that-side-said “objectivity” demanded by american big-news culture, it rescues humanisation from barren “professional” StepfordSpouse&AnchorPerson “personality” (cf Julia-Lennon-Theory corollary there is no such thing as “backstage”)

viz 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and etc (scroll down generally for convention-related gossip)

[UPDATE: i am however by no means convinced that FAFBLOG has proper accreditation]