I am never drinking any cocktail EVER AGAIN, (hem hem),  which isn’t listed on webtender.com. Yes, that means NO MORE PUBS “own-brew” cocktails, YES that means YOU, The Ben Crouch. No more random “blue” stuff for me! Remember your house parties, when you were still “The Kids”? Remember your cheap cartons of orange juice from The Shop and your tonnes of ice to bulk up your pitchers? Remember the haphazard pouring of whatever you found on the booze table? THAT’S Ben Crouch cocktails for yer! Aw man! Of course I deserve all I get, but that’s not the point, is it?

THE POINT IS this would never happen with a French 75 or a Kir Royale.

Clearly this is clearly the worst drink EVER:

Harakiri shot
Ingredients:2 cl Ouzo
 2 cl Tabasco sauce
Mixing instructions:Mix the ingredients in a shot glass, serve with a pint of beer on the side.

I mean why not just drink Domestos?
Morning all.