Where does the cheese go? I made myself some leek and cheese sauce for pasta last night and forgot rule one of making anything from scratch. TASTE IT YOU FOOL. The leeks were nicely sweated in the butter whilst I grated away at some nice strong cheddar to make the sauce out of. I used the finest grating for ease of melting but forgot that of course this would also increase the amount of air. So after a bit of effort I had a big pile of cheese on my plate, to go with the knob of butter, flour and a touch of mustard powder (for kick). Slop the milk in, and slowly simmeringly stir my piles in.

RESULT: No lumps and nicely thickened. I was very pleased with this, so much so that I did not taste it.

RESULT: A milky, leeky sauce.

Of course this was remedies by grating more cheese on top, but nevertheless there is a lesson to be learned here and no mistake.