Getting back from Glastonbury is a tiring ordeal. When you roll in you are torn when it comes to food. You have been eating out of vans for the last five days, you want home cooking. But you also, unsurprisingly, have no shopping in. So its off to the store cupboard to see what can be whizzed up. The rice was toyed with but I hate making a risotto without wine and the only fresh veg I had was an onion (and some garlic). But there was a tin of tomatoes, and some lentils and…

Half A Cup Of Lentils
Tin Of Tomatoes
A few dried chilli’s
Olive Oil
Much seasoning.

Rinse the lentils, then boil in plenty of water for fifteen minutes. Fry the onion and garlic for about seven minutes and then add the chilli for another minute. Drain the lentils, reserve a few to eat with butter while the rest cooks and dump them into the onions and add the tomatoes. Season like a bastard and simmer for ten minutes. Serve with a big dollop of butter in the middle and plenty of fresh black pepper.

You could chop up some leftover meat into this: I was going to add some chorizo if it was lacklustre in taste, but it was anything but. I guess I was aiming at something dhally, but got something more middle eastern. I have invented my ideal post pub food. Thank you my store cupboard.