What a difference 50p makes. Both venues for Club Popular have been notable for their ‘3 pints. A sad state of affairs, but not as sad as what it precipitates. Yes, there have always been round welchers who slip their drinks in between rounds, cadge others and generally abuse the system. This may be due to money, or other circumstances (ie having a disfunctional personality or being foreign). However when the basic lager costs three of your English, you start looking at everyone that way. Worse still, you find yourself acting in that way too.

I caught myself last night hanging by the bar waiting for someone, anyone, to buy me a drink because I had already bought a round. A round which had cost me the actually quite paltry amount of nine quid (only three drinks). The rationale that rounds all balance themselves out in the end, the rationale of being a good bloke and paying for what I clearly could afford, went out of the window and I turning briefly into a round cunt. As soon as I caught myself in this action I stopped, but what a difference 50p makes eh?