Okay, Tilapia is one of the top five farmed fish in the world. It is hardy, resilient and in the wild will eat pretty much anything. And, this is important in the look friendly world of fish, Tilapia looks like a proper fish. A nice firm white flesh which survives most cooking methods. Frankly as a wonder food Tilapia has it all, except an interesting taste.

So why make this aquatic bionic a favoured fish. Because it is absoluitely great in fish curries. The firm flesh stays white, the outside takes on the sauce nicely. I had a Tilapia curry last night in Chowki’s and it took me back to all the great Sri Lankan fish curries I had, where the flesh was firm and the chunks flaked as you chewed. A quick web search comes up with this Pakistani Tilapia Curry Stew which I might give a go next week. In the mean time, remember if you have to order it, the pronunciation key is Till Appia.