I did the Retro Bar Quiz last night and got the worst score I have ever managed there. It was a Eurovision special (I seem to recall going to the one last year too) and for the first time ever it was a 2-sheet answer form because every question (20 of em) had a “Eurovision connection”. So out of a maximum 40 points we reckon we got about 131/2. So so very poor that (again) for the first time I didn’t bother handing in our answers. Instead I filled in a lot of spurious, and possibly offensive, euro connections. Most of them about tATu being big lezzers.

There was a James Bond set of questions. We had to identify the themes for From Russia With Love, The Living Daylights and The Man with The Golden Gun. Another more enjoyable set of questions, in that we got nearly perfect answers, was the “featured artists” round. We had to identify Smiths w/ Sandi Shaw (vv easy), Sisters of Mercy w/ (poor tragic) Ofra Haza (v easy), ELO w/ Oliva Newton-John (vvv easy), Freddie Mercury w Montserrat Caball’ (vvvv easy) and Jimmy Sommerville w/ June Miles-Kingston (hard).

I’ll leave it to comments for you work out the Eurovision connection of the above answers. That’s if you want to.

So annoyed was I with my poor Eurovision knowledge that I found myself thinking, none too charitably, that though Retro bar regulars are largely miles away from the gay stereotype perpetuated in TV shows like Queer Eye and certain sitcoms, (as much so as any regulars in any 20-something bar), that this obsession with eurovision was just that step too gay. Even for me. Then I remembered the fuss caused by certain publoggers holding their wedding anniversary party (in a pub, obv) at the same time as the Eurovision. And that others had even suggested taping the whole thing – with concommitant “Likely Lads” style shenanigans to avoid finding out the results til watched.

Old “blogged” reports of going to the Retro quiz I found on the internet, like