Info hound Nick Dastoor has stumbled across this helpful anthropological study into British pub ettiquette by the Social Issues Research Centre. And you know what. It is pretty good. It sticks by its own maxim to not take things too seriously, and seems to have a healthy disrespect for pubgoers (and probably CAMRA members). The section on pub types is fair, with an admirable setion on estate pubs. It may paint pubs as being far friendlier than they really are, but if a foreigner were to follow the guidance within they would probably feel a lot more at home in the pub.

Of course it has already inspired much debate on ILX, (including debate on whether it has been publogged before), and there are simplifications as well as a few clangers – especially the opposite sex chapter. But then this is not a guide to what we do, it is like all good anthropolgy an attempt to explain the rules to someone to whom this is a mystery from a culturally superior standpoint. It does need a chapter on pub toilets though to be comprehensive.