Last night, while drunk, I may have contributed to a premature death. This is what I did: I removed the following advert from a London Tube carriage…

This is part of the British Heart Foundations “Big Red Fightback” campaign. Somewhat at odds with received nutritional wisdom (and an article in Waitrose magazine about The Value of Pie) and with no backup information on the website at all, this villification of a generic food, well… it’s political correctness gone mad isn’t it? What happened to balanced public information ads that bang on about “a balanced diet”? Perhaps this is now seen as too weedy an approach to stop the ballooning teen generation growing up supersized to the point where public transport seats need widening. Perhaps they are trying to be funny. Perhaps. But a “STOP EATING, FATSO” campaign would make ME, a pie-in-moderation member of the gen pub, laugh more. LOTS more.

When come back bring better public information

Bonus item, while idly googling for this article I found The British Lard Marketing Board