BRANDWATCH: another thinnish week for food and booze news – the front page of Marketing dominated by Nestle’s somewhat unsubtle attempt to counter its unethical image by launching a ‘fair trade’ coffee line. Inside the only item of any note is the rebranding of Blackthorn CIDER, which is now going to focus on its ‘Englishness’ and boasts a new can design with a flame on the side. I would be wary of associating drink with fire – it always suggests to me that the product is, well, fiery, which Blackthorn isn’t. But in the alcohol market there’s a secondary association of flammability, i.e. antifreeze.

Desperate for more branding news I turn to the IRN site where I encounter this surely-mistaken claim that the world record for marshmallow-eating is 24 in a minute. So here’s today’s quiz question: how many is it REALLY?