Who the hell queues?

Good food in comfort trumps ‘happening scene’ any day for me, though I’m not actually inverse-snob allergic to the latter: trendiness happens, and instant abreaction is as much a prison as kneejerk attraction


I cannot imagine joining a LINE for somewhere soi-disant classy (though I am of course quite happy to put up with it for somewhere generic!)

We were all happily tired ‘ Dr Vick’s brother had been giving a lecture on the Mores of Anatomical Dissection in 18th-Century Amsterdam (here), and afterwards the nearly-complete Royal Tenebaums set went shopping and criticizing ‘ so Thai sounded a good idea (translation: caused least sibling dissent) but there were like 30 ppl standing outside ALREADY (7 o’clock) and it was COLD! (We went to the Moroccan place next door to Mamma Mia in Old Compton Street)