QuizzerWatch: beware a fiendish new trick on pub quizzers. Last night a colleague and I put ‘2 into a multi-game machine, got ‘6 return off Top Of The Pops and Hangman 2 – so far so good, time to collect our winnings and head for home. But where was the collect button?! After 30 seconds of frantic screen-pressing, hopping from menu to menu, we found it – a tiny button in the top-left corner of the screen, so far up that it was hidden under the rim of the cabinet and only visible by crouching. The Publog entirely disapproves of such gamesmanship.

(Also sighted on last night’s quizzer, a garish pink game called “The Powder Room” which I shamefully failed to investigate. My trained marketing eye leads me to believe it might be aimed at ‘the ladies’ though I’d be very surprised if it’s as good as Mordillo’s Love Quiz.)