UNHEALTHY VEGETABLES: PART ONE aka: The Goodness of Potatoes and Root Vegetables: QUITE FRANKLY HAS THERE EVER BEEN A BOOK MORE SQUARELY AIMED TOWARDS ME… EVER? (Well apart from that edition of War and Peace me mam threw at me when I kept asking ‘but WHY are they all called Natasha?’ when I was but a wee nipper but that’s a different story for the Brown Wedge).

The charity shops round my area are GRATE for cookbooks, not only did I find the fantastic Tassajara cookbook (here is a recipe: STEAMED BROCCOLLI: 1. get broccolli 2. steam it 3. serve with some salt hurrah but the aforementioned lovely little gem. It starts off with a quick primer on your roots and then onto the recipes. I’ve already made some particularly nice glazed carrots, with parsnip chips and peas. The only thing that could make that meal ANY BETTER would be plonking a durty great big CHICKEN KIEV in with it all, but hey, beggarsthose of us who don’t have chicken kievs in the freezer can’t be choosers.

Glazed carrots are basically the invention of someone who thought “RIGHT I’m not having any of this healthy vegetable lark, how do I make carrots into something, ANYTHING unhealthy, how!!!!@@@!@!”. Here is how you make them.

1. Get some carrots and DICE them into slices
2. Put them in a pan
3. To pan, add SHEDLOADS OF BUTTER, teaspoon of salt and teaspoon of sugar.
4. Cover with barely enough water to cover the carrots
5. Boil boil boil untill all the water is gone
6. Chuck em around the pan a bit so they brown up a little
7. Scoff

Pat yourself on the back that YOU TOO HAVE MADE UNHEALTHY VEGETABLES! Coming up tomorrow: the story of PARSNIP CHIPS.