HEALTHY VEGETABLES: PART ONE aka: Broccolli For Breakfast

Last night I did a slightly retro wee dinner party for my flatmates and a friend, centrepiece being a truly magnificent Coq Au Vin. No reason why said dish should have gone out of fashion, there is no better thing than eating an chicken breast wholly saturated in bouze. With some savoyard pots (more on which later) all we needed was some nice simple veg. And hence a surfeit of broccolli.

I am loathe, especially when I have a bit of mashed potato for potential bubble making in the fridge. So the left over broccolli went into the fridge for breakfast. Waking up a bit late, I only had ten minutes to do something exciting with the steamed florets. So out came the wok, a bit of hot oil and a two minute stir fry ended with the sizzle of much soy. With the salty soy and the probable excess of oil it is unclear whether or not this really remains healthy. It sure was tasty though. And today I have been coasting on pure iron power.